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    1.We provide feedin belt conveyor for furnace in Iron & Steel Plant for 2# furnace and 3# furnace of Baoshan Iron & Steel Company,and also provide the products for Wuhan Iron & Steel Company,Benxi Iron & Steel Company,Tangshan Iron & Steel Company and the Capital Iron & Steel Company.Among which,the technical parameters of the feeding belt conveyor for 3# furnace of Baoshan Iron & Steel Company are the highest in our country: B=2200mm,total length=347m,angle=11.5,feeding capacity=5500t/h, N=4X355KW.
    2.Long distance belt conveyor in Jincheng mines bureau in Shenxi.B=1400mm V=4m/s L=7600m The unit length is the longest in our country.
  3.Belt conveyor in Yuanbaoshan Opencast Mine B=7800t/h V=5.85m/s Nmax=6x560kw The parameters of this belt conveyor are the highest in
our country.
  4.Belt conveyor in 3# mine of Yangquan Mine Bureau,shenxi Length=3631m,B=1400mm,N=3x1000kw The unit power of this equipment is the largest in our country.
    5.Belt conveyor for 3# furnace in Baoshan Iron & Steel Company,and belt conveyor for Tinajin Nanjiang Port and Rizhao Port of Shendong,the width of which is the biggest in our country.
  6.SMMC provide slew stacker/reclaimer for Three Gorges in Yangtze River Project.The stacking capacity is 2000t/h.The length of slew arm is 35m.The specification of this machine is the biggest for water conservancy industry in our country.
  7.SMMC provided 5 sets of Ф120m stacker/reclaimer for Houzhi Power Plant of Zhanzhou,Fujian.The max stacking capacity is 4000t/h,the max reclaiming capacity is 2000t/h.Amang tis kind of equipment, is it the initiate in our country and the biggest in the world.
     8.Lateral cantilener staker and birdge-type scraper reclaimer on rectangular stockyard of Lime stone pre-homogenizing for conch Group,Anhui. The stacking capacity is 2000t/h,reclaiming capacity is 1000t/h.The specification of which is biggest in our country.
  9.APron feeder for Pingguo Aluminum Company 1500mm×25000mm(the longest in our country)
  10.Apron feeder for Nanfen of Benxi Iron &Steel Company2400mm×8000mm(the capacity is thebiggest in our country)
  11.Apron feeder for Panzhihua Iron & Steel Company 3400mm×8000mm(the chain plate is the widest in our country)
  12.Ф100m thickener for Jinchang Non-ferrous metal company,Guansu.The diameter is the biggest in our country.
  13.Ф100m mud scraper for Huanghe River Project in Huhehaote of Inner Mongolia.The diameter of which is the biggest in our country.


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